Fernie Prep School

Prep School students attend every Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday. Class runs from 8:30 AM until 12:30 PM.

Fernie prep school was created for children to grow and learn in a gentle and modern learning space. We noticed that many programs and curriculums world wide had yet to change and grow to benefit the learning styles and lifestyles that we now have in 2020.

We wanted to create a program that includes outdoor learning and nature play as much as possible in our environment. We wanted to embrace the tools we have to encourage our little ones to practice mindfulness and a growth mindset. We want to facilitate a healthy relationship with technology and touch screen learning.

We want to get back to basics with our uncomplicated learning practices and resources. Most of all we want to show care and empathy to our little learners as they are preparing for life in the big world of elementary school- as we all know children learn best when they feel safe and valued.